It’s a Brockett Life was created with the idea to inspire people (and ourselves) to live healthy, happy, and adventurous lives. That’s why our tagline is “Be Fit, Be Happy, Be Adventurous!” We are just a 20 something couple trying to live our best lives. We want to find our Healthiest Selves and find Adventure in every little moment. 

We started working on our Healthiest Selves Series last fall (2018) when we decided to start a new diet regime and we were bound and determined to lose weight. Unfortunately, life sidetracked us and we haven’t gotten as far on that as we wanted. However, we plan on starting again and will tell you all about it as we start the series back up! Neither of us is certified for diet or exercise, but we do a lot of research on what we are trying and always post honest reviews of what is (or isn’t) working for us. You can find this series under our Health and Fitness tab.

On the blog, you will find that we talk a lot about Adventure, and it may not quite fit with your idea of what adventure is. I go into detail about our definition of adventure in a few different posts, but a quick recap is this: It’s A Brockett Life’s definition of Adventure is, “a new and exciting, often out-of-your-comfort-zone, experience or activity.” Check out these three posts for more information on our journey to being more adventurous: #BeFitBeHappyBeAdventurous, #AdventureCanMean, and Bowling – A New Adventure.

As for the Happiness portion of the blog, those posts are often just a result of Megan’s Musings (hence the tab named that)! Check out My glass if half full of wine, not whine or A Happy Morning for some happiness posts. More can be found under the Megan’s Musings tab, including Ipsy Reviews and some Book Blogging!

Megan is the creator and main writer for the blog – that’s me! I am currently juggling working full time and going to school part-time, but I have found that writing for the blog is a passion and I try to fit it in when I can! 

James is the husband and (mostly) behind the scenes helper of the blog! You will see him mentioned in many posts since we try to do lots as a couple, and you can bet that a lot of the fitness and health posts have input from him since that is his passion! 

Whatever topic interests you the most, maybe it’s Megan’s Musings, AdventureCanMean, or following along with our Healthiest Selves Series, we hope you will find encouragement and inspiration to live your best life along with us!