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Ipsy Shopper Bag Review

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While I love receiving my Ipsy bag every month, I’ve never been one who has a vast knowledge of makeup. In fact, that is one of the reasons I tried Ipsy in the first place! By that, I mean I was in some major need of help in the makeup department. Getting my glam bags for almost 2 years has exposed me to many different types of make up and skin care, and for that I am very grateful!

I normally stick to the standard $10/month with some add on’s from my Ipsy points and I try to avoid spending any other money on makeup, since we normally don’t have a lot of leftover money to spend on that sort of thing.

Well, during Ipsy’s Black Friday deals I decided to splurge on one of the bonus shopper bags!

I picked the bag with 15 items, and boy was it a good idea!

First off, I loved that it came in a big bag. The regular Ipsy glam bags are a little too small for me to use on a regular basis. This bag is big enough that I could switch it out for my ‘usual’ makeup bag and have a bag big enough for all of the stuff I like to have on hand! I’m on of those “who knows what you might need” type of gals haha!

A big reason I picked this bag was that it had mascara and eyeliner in it, as well as a few other products that I thought I would enjoy trying.

The first product I tried out of my shopper bag was the sheet masks. This was my first time ever using a sheet mask, and it was an interesting experience! I did enjoy it overall and felt like it really helped my face feel moisturized. I also love that it came with 6 of the masks, so I still have a few more to do.

As mentioned above, the bag came with mascara and eyeliner. I specifically thought this was a good deal and overall good bag to get, because it came with a full-size mascara, a deluxe sample mascara, and the eyeliner is black and full size as well. My regular mascara from the store is about $12, which lasts about 3 months. These two mascaras should last me about 5 months I am guessing, and the whole bag was only about $35! I count that as a great deal!

I really enjoyed the Unlashed Mascara with the curved brush, and haven’t tried the PUR just yet (Currently using Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is good but I think I liked the Unlashed better!). I struggle with the eyeliner, as it is a liquid brush and I always make a mess with those, but it is a nice product and I think with practice I will get it to work well!

Next in the bag were a dry shampoo, hair serum, face toner, age reform serum, and a pure nilotica melt.

My reviews of these products are as follows:

I really enjoy using dry shampoo! This one is specifically for texturing which doesn’t do a lot for me, but it’s still a nice product. My one complaint on this product is it makes my hair a little hard, kind of like hairspray, probably because it is for styling. Since I don’t style my hair often, regular dry shampoo is probably the right area for me to stay in.

Honestly, I haven’t used the hair serum yet, but I am really excited to as it seems like a great product! My biggest hesitation is I worry it will make my hair oily. Do you have an experience with hair serums? Share below!!

The Nilotica Melt is Amazing. I had this patch of dry skin on my cheek that would not clear up no matter what I did, and one application of the melt and it was basically gone! This stuff is a keeper and I highly recommend it!

I’ve had the Pixi toner before and it’s a nice product, once I run out of my other toner I will definitely be using it! It doesn’t dry my face out or sting like some toners!

The Murad serum is my third Murad product, and I am definitely a fan of them so far! This serum feels so smooth and makes my face hydrated and silky! I’m pretty sad that it is gone already!

Next in my bag was an eye shadow, translucent powder, and bronzer/highlighter. If you read my October and November Glam Bag review you will know that I am a huge fan of this translucent powder, so getting a second one in this bag was wonderful!

The eye shadow is a gorgeous rouge color, that looks great with some light pink eyeshadow’s I have laying around. As for the highlights, Even though I don’t generally use highlighter, it is a nice color that will blend with my skin tone if and when I decide to use it!

Last, but definitely not least, were the lip products I got!

I really enjoyed getting to try the different lip products on, as they were another big reason I chose this bag! I received the Laga Prickly Pear Gloss, Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color, and the Lottie London Gossip Girl Lipgloss.

Of the three, I think the Prickly Pear was my favorite! I also really enjoyed the Lorac PRO. Here they are on:

The Lottie London Lip Gloss was an interesting one! It is a very purple color when you take the wand out of the container, then it becomes more pink once it is on. It is also very dark, and I felt like it was a bit of a mess! Here it is:

A couple of weeks after I initially tried it, I decided to try it again one night while we were getting dressed up. I tried applying it with a Q-tip instead of the wand, and felt like it ended up looking really nice with my darker makeup!

Overall, I was extremely happy with this shopper bag and I am glad I decided to spend the extra money on it!

If you are looking for exposure to new products or just want a fun gift in the mail each month, I would definitely sign up for Ipsy! Sign up through this LINK to help me get more points, Please and Thank You!

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