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My Glass is Half Full of Wine, not Whine

Yesterday started out a little rough. Neither James nor I felt to great, we really just wanted to stay in bed and sleep all day. We knew that we had to go to Spokane to do our grocery shopping for the week though. I decided to recommend we go get breakfast, hoping that would help us get moving! I’m not normally one to suggest we go get breakfast food, while James is all about it. We got ready and headed into Spokane.

The smoke was hanging low over the mountains, again, and the air smelled toxic because of it. This made me grumpy.

People were driving horribly on the highway. This made both of us grumpy.

Spokane traffic was a nightmare. ‘Nuff said.

We got to our chosen breakfast place.. and they were packed. Like, church just got out packed. There was a line out the door.

Needless to say, this made us grumpy!

Are you seeing a trend?

I don’t want to complain too much… but for the sake of the story, keep reading about my grumpiness. I promise, I have a point in all of this!

We started driving away from said breakfast place, trying to decide where to go eat. We needed food! We decided on a lunch/dinner place we have been a few times and enjoyed.

The traffic was horrific heading that direction as well.

We get to the restaurant, have to wait a few minutes to be seated even though they are really quiet. Oh well, we are decent people. Despite our grumpiness, we can handle that. Waitress is super nice, seems very attentive! She repeats everything back, then brings me the wrong drink. Ok, as mentioned before. Oh well. It’s still good, I don’t say anything.

Our appetizer is delicious! I order ketchup with my meal for my tater tots. She brings James his ranch… I don’t get any ketchup :/ I steal his ranch and on the car ride home tell him she liked him so was hating on me! (jokingly)

We get to Freds. Its Sunday afternoon, the place is a mad house. Our nerves are getting played like crazy! We spent more money than we meant to.

Let’s just go home.

As we are nearing the end of the passing lane just before our place, some big truck flies by us and almost hits us. If James hadn’t seen him coming and slammed on the breaks, he would have. That guy just had to get around us apparently.

So, moral of the story… we did not have a great day!

…Or did we?

Yes, a lot of negative things happened that made us grumpy. When all of those things add up, I feel like it can be understandable! I would definitely say it wasn’t a great day by any means.


It actually was kind of a good day.

On the drive down to Spokane, James and I had a great talk. We chatted about life and amidst it all he had some encouraging words for me.

Despite not getting the food we originally wanted, we were able to agree on a different place relatively fast, and then the food was wonderful. Plus, it didn’t take too long! We estimated that if we had waiting at the breakfast place, we would have just been getting our food when we left the lunch place.

Even though we spent waayy too much money at the grocery store, we were getting the food we needed to be healthy for another week. We are focusing on our goals as much as we can, and making sure we have the food we need is very important!

It was really scary when that guy almost hit us, but thankfully James was paying attention and able to keep us out of the way. I’m not sure I would have noticed if I had been driving. Or if I had, I may have swerved us off of the road which would have been horrible.

Once we got home, we were able to rest like we had wanted, and even get the house picked up a bit.

Plus, it rained a little bit so the smoke cleared up! You could actually see the clouds instead of just smoke haze, and it smelled amazing. This was the first real rain we had seen in quite a while!

So, all in all, when thinking about yesterday, I have two choices. I can view the day as lousy, with the glass half empty approach. Or, I can realize that it wasn’t such a bad day after all! My glass is half full of wine, not whine.

I’m grateful to have a partner is this life where we can get through those kinds of days and still find happiness. Isn’t that what marriage is all about?

Remember to focus on your happiness amidst the grumpiness!


P.S. I love how sad James looks in that picture ^ 😂 I promise it was a good day!!

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