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October and November Ipsy Glam Bags 2018

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Is Ipsy worth it? Ever since I started getting Ipsy back in May of 2017, I have tried to make sure I review every bag and each individual product so I can get products that I really enjoy. Ipsy is great because it gives you two chances to “pick out” products. First is when you sign up and create your beauty profile (which you can then edit later on as well), and the second is with these monthly reviews. While I get some products that I don’t love here and there, I am to the point where I mostly get products I love and will use! This makes the $10 a month so worth it! I haven’t bought an eyeliner from a store since I started Ipsy, and my mascara purchasing is way down! 

If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, here’s the quick run down: 

With Ipsy you get 1 glam bag a month, with 5 products inside of it, all for $10 a month!

The sizes of the 5 products are a variety of sizes between sample sizes, deluxe samples, and sometimes you even get full sizes!

Not to mention the fact that they just announced a new deluxe glam bag which has 5 full-size products! I’m definitely considering getting in on that.

Now, on to the October and November bags! Sorry I got a bit behind on these, but Going Back to School has messed up my blogging! I’m starting to figure out a routine though, so never fear! 


Sticking with the Halloween theme of October, the glam bag was a gorgeous shade of red with a cute mask etched into it, and the card stated, “Who said nights were for sleep?” They’re always so sassy!

My 5 products were a highlighter, a face wash, a primer, a concealer, and a face mask. 

The highlighter is one of those products that I don’t use very often, so this is a so-so product for me. It never hurts to have products like this, especially since I am growing my makeup game, but it also only got a 2/5 star from me since I don’t particularly want to keep receiving highlighters. I think I already have 1 or 2 others in my unused box. 

On the other hand, I absolutely love the face wash, primer, and concealer! This face wash is my second Murad product and I am loving them so far. The face wash makes my face feel so clean without any weird tightening! The primer is tinted and goes on great with my signature face powder. Speaking of stepping up my makeup game… I never used to use primers, but because of the ones I have received and tried through Ipsy I am starting to really like them! The concealer may just be my favorite product to date. I’m thinking I will have to buy a larger size of it, because it covers my under eye circles wonderfully! It blends in with my skin tone and my other makeup.. it is seriously my fav. 

My last product, the face mask, seems like a great product! To be honest… I haven’t used it yet. I have this other face mask from the Younique makeup company that is currently my favorite, so if I’m going to do a mask it’s going to be that one. In the meantime, this one will hang out and someday I am sure I will use it! 

I hope you aren’t bored yet… we still have one more bag to cover tonight!

For November, Ipsy went with a bluish-purple (indigo?) glam bag with black hearts on it. It’s pretty cute overall, but wouldn’t fall into my favorites! The card is made to look like a screenshot of a text message, discussing what they are thankful for. It was pretty clever!

My 5 products were a translucent powder, eyeshadow, mascara, eye serum, and body butter.

When I first saw the translucent powder I was a little annoyed since I’ve received a similar product in the past and I’ve never really used it. Then when I opened the container further, I couldn’t believe how small it was! You definitely have a hard time sweeping your brush through it. However, this is why you should never be too quick to judge a book or a makeup product! I actually really like this powder, and will probably go back and try the previous one again once this one is gone. I’ve starting experimenting with liquid cover up and then I dump a little bit of this powder onto my brush and it makes my face more matte and keeps it in place all day! I ended up giving this a 4/5 star! 

While I don’t use eyeshadow very often, I love having different shades on hand for when I do! This is a very nice color that goes on bold but blends well with other colors. Definitely a keeper. The mascara was a huge winner, I always love getting mascara’s in my bag. My only complaint on this product was how large the brush was, I felt like I was going to poke an eye out! Though I did get used to it after a couple days. I’m still not 100% sure what to think of the eye serum. I love products like this in general, but after using it most mornings and nights for the last month, I can’t say that I’ve really noticed a difference. It feels nice going on though and doesn’t bother my eyes though so that’s a plus!

The Pistachio body butter was my last November product! This product goes on really smooth and feels soft on your skin without feeling too oily or greasy. I was not a huge fan of the smell, I’m not sure what exactly it smells like but it does not make me initially think of pistachio. However, I also really like the little pouch it is in so it ended up in my purse anyway! 

So there you have it, my recent glam bag reviews! If you aren’t signed up for Ipsy yet but think you may enjoy it, use my code at the link below!

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Keep an eye out for my review of my Black Friday Glam Bag as well as my December Bag!

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